EST. 1998


The greatest concentration of businesses in the Netherlands - probably even in Europe - is in Barendrecht, with the marketing of potatoes, vegetables and fruit as the primary source of income. And VerDi Import has been located at the heart of this bubbling centre (Fresh World Barendrecht) since 1998. The company with long roots has been very effective in the way it has cornered its market. Through strict keeping of appointments, VerDi Import has now direct access to the production of growers in Africa, South-America and the Caribbean. Together with all the fresh produce from the area’s around the Mediterranean Sea, under which we also count Israel, makes that VerDi is an important player on the fresh produce market. A good demand of quality products, all along with a professional team which – what we from VerDi say – knows there beans, makes you feel comfortable in doing business.


Offer of the day

Kaki Persimmon from Spain
Available in 4kg / 7kg / 10x1kg

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